Mommy set the Tone in our Home❤

Today is 66 days of living clean for me. Today I feel good. I have been trying to stay clean while living in my own Insanity for the last 10 months and I realized that By doing that I will never fucking stay clean! I finally surrendered myself and really had to get honest not just for everyone else, but it was time to get honest with me, myself, and I.
Its amazing how much truth there when I am told that I am the one in my home as a homemaker that sets the “Tone” for everyone. They key to my staying clean for me is to stay in the moment. It sounds so simple yet it takes so much practice. I keep hearing the phrase Let Go, Let God. I never really understood what the hell that meant? It has taken me almost a year to figure this shit out!
I can see the light finally and i can feel a sense of peace within myself. I can feel all of these feelings that I have not felt in so long that ilI watch commercials that makes me cry now! Its amazing to feel life again and actually enjoy it all clean!!!! My kids are happier, my husband is happier, and our home is so much more peaceful when mommy is not living in Chaos.
I know that this is still just the beginning for me and my journey, and I will remember not to allow my head to get too big and i will remain teachable everyday. I am grateful to be clean today and I am so grateful to my family for not giving up and supporting with love and patience. 😃


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